Majid Bourbour/ Executive Manager

Majid #1

Diploma in Graphics from Sede va Sima (Audio/Vision) Conservatory

Puppetry (Writer, Director and Manipulator), Graphics, Music, Poetry

Directing: Coat hanger

Manipulations: Musician Who Played the Moon, Coat hanger, Demons and Humans, Rah Banoo

Playwright: Coat hanger, Musician Who Played the Moon, Return of the Old man, Still one way remains and…

Acting: Ziafat, Goldooneh Khanoom, Hagh Al Yaghin and…

Job Precedence:
Public relation and advertising management, Art management, Designing and managing the festivals and workshops for children, Press Editor

Services to the field:
2009-present: Board member of Mobarak UNIMA

Email Address: