Mobarak UNIMA has established 6 regional offices in 6 different provinces of Iran

Mobarak UNIMA has established 6 regional offices in 6 different provinces of Iran #1
Due to expanding puppetry all over the country, Mobarak UNIMA decided to establish small offices in some towns, cities and villages of Iran; in some provinces such as Gilan, South Khorasan, Golestan, Hormozgan, Qazvin and Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari.
The aims are introductions of puppet theatre and UNIMA in terms of international UNIMA and Mobarak UNIMA statutes.
On behalf of Mobarak UNIMA and its commission of towns, cities and villages each small office has a representative and about 20 to 40 UNIMA members as well. Some workshops on the basics of puppetry and the introduction of the Iranian traditional puppetry were held in each region by the commissions of Education and Research of Mobarak UNIMA and based on what they need and their requirements, these commissions are about to come up with some professional workshops such as making professional puppets for the stage and TV shows.
The branches of Ministry of Culture in these provinces have supported Mobarak UNIMA due to these establishments and keeping on the activities.
One of the most precious issues in this case is that the first region which requested an office, workshops and educational programs from Mobarak UNIMA was a VILLAGE named Deh-Cheshmeh, in Farsan town, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari province.
To reach the objectives, in addition to holding workshops, Mobarak UNIMA has managed to send some professional puppet companies to some of those provinces to perform. For instance, in January 2011, 5 puppet theatre companies traveled to Gilan province to perform in the first Winter Festival of Mobarak UNIMA as an off-program of The Fajr Theatre Festival and in July 2011, Cengiz Ozec from Turkey (who attended the Ritual-Traditional Theatre festival and seminar in Tehran), traveled to Gonbad (Golestan province) to perform Karagoz and talk about this traditional form of puppetry.
More provinces have asked for UNIMA offices in their regions and Mobarak UNIMA board members are trying to fulfill their expectations.