Mobarak UNIMA Board Members Meet the General Secretary of International UNIMA

Mobarak UNIMA Board Members Meet the General Secretary of International UNIMA #1
Tehran, November.18- Mobarak UNIMA board members met Jacques Trudeau, the general secretary of UNIMA.
At the beginning of this meeting that was held in the lobby of the Parsa Hotel (the place that he would stay at), Dr. Hamidreza Ardalan, the president of Mobarak UNIMA welcomed Jacques Trudeaue and reported on last 2 years' activities of UNIMA-Iran based on expanding puppetry all over the country and the small Mobarak UNIMA offices which have been established in 6 provinces of Iran. Then he talked about the proposal that he has already proposed for the establishment of a new commission in UNIMA for the Strategic Developments and this proposal was welcomed by Trudeau and he mentioned that it would be in the agenda of the next UNIMA congress in China-2012, and would be discussed.
Then all board members discussed on their programs and objectives in their Mobarak UNIMA committees and Trudeau answered their questions regarding UNIMA, its statutes, activities, abilities and so forth…
Cooperation and support to establish UNIMA centers in some neighbor countries of Iran such as Iraq, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, support and holding workshops for Mobarak UNIMA members, playing host to one of the UNIMA's future congress and further developing puppetry to help achieving world peace were the other  discussed issues in this meeting.
Dr. Hamidreza Ardalan, Farnaz Behzadi, Poupak Azimpour, Salma Mohseni, Marzieh Sarmashghi, Afsaneh Zamani, Payman Shariati, Majid Bourbour and Arash Mostafaee were present in this effective meeting with Jacques Trudeau.
A set of Pahlevan-Kachal puppets (Iranian traditional glove puppets), was presented to Jacques Trudeau by Mobarak UNIMA.
He was in Tehran as a member of jury in the 12th edition of International Student Puppet Festival, 13 - 19 November 2011.