A French outdoor show in Golestan Province

A French outdoor show in Golestan Province #1

Jean-Luc Prévost (the Goulus troupe) performing “Horsemen” in the winter festival of Mobarak UNIMA (off-program of the Fajr Theatre Festival), in Golestan province

"Jean-Luc Prévost"," Patrick Geslin"," and "Olivier Rimaud" will perform this outdoor show (Horsemen) in the open space area in front of the Fakhreddin As'ad Gorgani Hall of Gorgan.
This performance is about three very smart French riders on horses, to prepare the next Olympic Games, make a demonstration of training. Even if, sometimes, they are a bit ridiculous, they always keep “The French Attitude”.

Jean-Luc Prévost: Born on 1956. Actor, Writer, Director, Art Director, Works as actor:”Cabaret performer” (1979), “Whiteface clown” (1982). Works as street theatre actor: “Globe-joker”. Works as street theatre director: “The obsessions” (1994-2010), “The brass band combat world championship” (2004), “He who shrieks in the ear of the horse” (2007).

This festival is held from 25-31 January 2012, in the 6 towns of Golestan province by Mobarak UNIMA and the Fajr Theatre Festival.