The first Iranian member of UNIMA passed away on 27th April 2011

The first Iranian member of UNIMA passed away on 27th April 2011 #1

Javad Zolfagari, the first Iranian member of UNIMA, after hard disease
(Liver cancer) passed away on 27th April 2011. He was a writer, translator, and tutor of puppet play. Zolfagari joined to Unima individually in 1974.
Since then, he became the consultant of executive board, member of UNIMA Asian and Pacific committee and member of Mobarak UNIMA (Iranian branch of UNIMA).
Mobarak UNIMA remembers the gentle spirit and helpful nature of Javad Zolfagari, and will always remember him as an exceptionally special and giving person. The funeral will be held on Saturday, 30April, 2011, at 10 AM in front of Vahdat Hall.

Zolfagari was born in 1952.His place of birth was Hamedan. After spending some years on learning English, painting and drawing, was accepted in Dramatic Faculty of Tehran University in 1972. He could obtain the M.A and graduated in 1978.
During his artistic activities, he experienced different field such as teaching, translating, directing and publishing related books."Almas Friends", "Hame Ba ham"(Everyone Together), "Boz –e- Zangule Pa", "Kado-Ghel-gheleh-zan", "Siyavash-Farangis" and "Alibaba and the Forty Thieves" are among his works. The last work of Zolfagari is called "Samak-E-Ayar" and still it is on stage.
Zolfagari estabilished a cultural and artistic institute called Norooz-e-Honar and started working as a publisher. Due to his influential role on theorical aspect of puppet play, he published "Kharamshir", "Boz –e- Zangule Pa", "Kado-Ghel-gheleh-zan", "Siyavash-Farangis", "Baziy-E-Pesar –Va-Gorg" (The Play of a Boy And a Wolf), "Dom Duz" . Additionally, he translated many works Such as Five Puppet Plays by Federico García Lorca, Using Performance to Make Politics and The Aesthetics of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal, Art of the Puppet by Bill Baird and My Profession by Sergey Obraztsov.
More over he became an editor of seasonal journal,named Tajir (For two Issues) .It was the first journal which was exclusively about puppetry and published during the International Puppet festivals.
Not only was he a referee of so many festivals such as international Tehran puppet festival –Mubarak, Student international festivals and the festival play communities of municipality, also he held an exhibition of
Asian puppets, World Permanent Exhibition of dramatic art in Vahdat Hall and 16 research workshops on puppet play.
He also was a member of Society of puppeteers in Khane Teathre and office of puppet productions.
Finally, he was honoured to receive the first art degree from Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
Javad Zolfaghari is considered as a pioneer in the field of drama, writing and directing theater as well as teaching.